AAAA Always Accessible Always Afloat

AAOSA Always Afloat or Safe Aground

AD Accidental Damage

AES - Automated Export System

AFRA Average Freight Rate Assessment

AFRAMAX Average Freight Rate Assessment Maximum

AHF American Hull Form

AIS Automatic Identification System

AML Absolute Maximum Loss

ANF Arrival Notification Form

ANL Above Normal Loss

AO voy. Any One Voyage

AOA Any One Accident

AOL Any One Loss

AOO Any One Occurrence

AOV Any One Vessel

APL As per list

AR All Risks

Arr. TL Arranged Total Loss

ASPW Any Safe Port in the World

ATL Actual Total Loss

Av Average

AWIWL Always Within Institute Warranties Limits

AWO All Weather Operations

B/G Bonded goods

B/L Bill of Lading

BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor.

BB Ballast Bonus

Bd Bond

BI Both Inclusive

BL Bill of Lading

BT Berth Terms

C&F (or CFR) Cost and Freight

C/N Credit Note

C/snee Consignee.

CB/L Clean Bill of Lading

CFR Code of Federal Rules

CFS Container Freight Station

CIF Cost Insurance And Freight

CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid

CKD Completely Knocked Down

Cl. Clause

CLT Constructive Total Loss

CN Cover Note

COB Close of Business

COD Cash On Delivery

COI Certificate of Inspection

COP Customs Of the Port

COT Customers Own Transport

CP Charter Party

CPD Charterers Pay Dues

CPT Carriage Paid To

CR Current Rate

CTL Constructive Total Loss

CTR Container Fitted

CWE Cleared Without Examination

CWO Cash With Order

D/D Damage Done

DAMFORDET Damages for Detention

DAPS Days all Purpose

DC Direct Costs

Dd Delivered

DDP Delivered Duty Paid

DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid

DEM Demurrage

DEMDES Demurrage/Dispatch money

DEQ Delivered EX-Quay

DES Delivered Ex-ship

DESP Dispatch

DET Detention

DHDATSBE Dispatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends

DHDWTSBE Dispatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved Both Ends

DNO Debit Note Only

DNRCAOSLONL Discountless and Non-Returnable Cargo and/or Ship Lost or Not Lost

DOC Document of Compliance

DOL Date Of Loss

DRC Damage Received in Collision

DSC Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes and Containers

DV Declared Value

E&EA Each and Every Accident

E&EL Each and Every Loss

E&EO Each and Every Occurence

ECG Export Credits Guarantee

EMI Estimated Maximum Loss

EMPL Estimated Maximum Probable Loss

EmS Emergency Schedule

EOHP Except as otherwise herein provided

EPS IMO performance standard for ECDIS

EXW Ex Works

f.a.a. Free of all average

F.C.O.D "Fire, collision, overturning and derailment"

F.C.R Forwarding agents' certificate of receipt

F.C.S.S.R.C.C. "Free of capture, seizure, strikes, riots and civil commotions"

F.C.T. Forwarding agents' certificate of transport

F.C.V. Full contract value.

F.O.D.abs. Free of damage absolutely

F.O.M. Flag, ownership or management

F.R.O Fire risk only

F.Supp Federal Supplement

F/A Fire and accident (Insurance)

F1B Radio transmission designator.

FAS Free Alongside Ship

FC & S Free of Capture and Seizure Clause

FCA Free to Carrier

FCC First Class Charterers

FCL Full Container Load

FCO Financed, Constructed and Operated

FD Free Discharge

FDD Freight Demurrage Dead freight

FDEDANRSAOCLONL Freight Deemed Earned, Discountless And Non-Returnable (Refundable) Ship And Or Cargo Lost Or Not Lost

FDESP Free Dispatch

FFI For Further Instructions

FG or FGN Foreign

FHEX Fridays/Holidays Excluded

FHINC Fridays/Holidays Included

FILO Free In/Liner Out

FIO Free In/Out

FIOS Free In/Out Stowed

FIOST Free In/Out Stowed and Trimmed

FIOT Free In/Out and Trimmed

FIT Free in Trimmed

FLE Fire, lighting and explosion

FLG Flag

FLT Full Liner Terms

FO1 For Orders

FO3 Free Out

FOB Free on Board

FOC Flag Of Convenience or Free Of Claims

FOFFER Firm Offer

FOQ Free On Quay

FOR Free on Rail

FOT Free on Truck

FOW1 First Open Water

FOW2 Free on Wharf

FPA Free of Particular Average

FR First Refusal

FREE EXINS Free of any Extra Insurance

FREE OUT Free of discharge costs to owners. Includes sea freight only.

FSA Formal Safety Assessment

FWC Fully-loaded weight and capacity.

FWD Fresh Water Damage

GA General Average

GENCON General Conditions

GIT Goods in Transit

GNCN General Conditions

GOC General Operators' Certificate

GOR Gross Original Rate

GP Grain Capacity

GR Geographical Rotation

GSP Good Safe Port

GTEE Guarantee

GTP General Third Party

GVW Gross Vehicle Weight

H&M Hull and Machinery

H&O Hook and Oil Damage

H/C High Cube

H/H Half Height

HAZMAT Hazardous Material

HBL Hydrostatic Balanced Loading

HDLTSBENDS Half Dispatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends

HDWTS Half Dispatch Working (or Weather) Time Saved

HNS Hazardous and Noxious Substances

HSE Health Safety and Environment

IAR Industrial All Risks

IBNR Incurred But Not Reported

IBNRPR Incurred But Not Properly Reported

IN &/OR OVER Goods carried below and/or on deck

IOP Irrespective of Percentage

IPRC Institute Port Risk Clause

ISDP Integrated Ship Design and Production

IU If Used

IUHTAUTC If Used, Half Time Actually To Count

IWL Institute Warranty Limits

IYC Institute Yacht Clause

J&WO Jettison and washing overboard

L/C or LOC Letter of Credit

L/D Load / Discharge

LAT Local Apparent Time

LAYCAN Lay day Canceling Date

LCL- Less Than a Container Load

LDPI Incurred But Not Reported

LDT Lost During Transshipment

LLMC Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims

LMT Local Mean Time

LNYD Liability not yet determined

LOI Letter of Indemnity

LOL Limitation of Owner's Liability

LOL Loss Of Life

LOP Line of Position

LOR Letter of Readiness

LOS Law of the Sea

LOS Line of Sight

LOW Last Open Water

LS Lump Sum

LSD Lashed Secured Dunnaged

Ltge. Lighterage

LTHH Liner Terms Hook/Hook

LUMPS Lump Sum Paid to Shipper

M&W Marine and War risks

MA Malicious Damage

MAC Maximum Acceptable Concentration.

MB Merchant Banker

MGNe Marine Guidance Notice

MNI Member of The Nautical Institute

MOA Memorandum of Agreement

MOLCHOPT More or Less Charterers Option

MOLOO More or Less Owners Option

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

N/E Not Exceeding

NA Not Applicable

NAABSA Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground

NCD No Claims Discount

NCNP No Cure No Pay

NCOB No Cargo On Board

ND Non-Delivery

NE Not Entered

NGAD Notice Given Arrival Date

NOR Notice of Readiness

Nr. Coastal Near Coastal

NRAD No Risk After Discharge

NRAL No Risk After Landing

NRAS No Risk After Shipment

NRDA Natural Resources Damage Assessment

NRTB No Risk Until Onboard

NRTOR No Risk Until On Rail

NRTOR No Risk To Attach Till After Landing

NRTWB No Risk Until Waterborne

NSPF Not Specially Provided For

NSW Natural Sea Water

NTU Not Taken UP

NUR Not Under Repair

NVOCC Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier

O/W Overwidth

OD On Deck

O/H Overheight

OO Owners Option

OPRC Oil pollution Preparedness, Response and Cooperation.

OSH Open Shelter Deck

OT Open Top

OWS Owners

PC Period of Charter

PCGO Part Cargo

PDI Pre-Delivery Inspection

PDPR Per Day Pro Rata

PHPD Per Hatch Per Day

PIA Peril Insured Against

PM Post Meridian

POA Place Of Acceptance

POD Proof of Delivery

POD Pay on Delivery

POR Place of Receipt

PR Port of Refuge

PR Port Risks

Pr Pro Rata

PROFORMA Estimated Account

PUS Plus us

PWWD Per Weather Per Day

QA Quality Assurance

QC Quality Control

RACE Radioactive containment exclusion clause

RCVR Receiver

RDC Running Down Clause

RECAP Recapitulation

RGE Range

RN Release Note

ROD Rust, Oxidation, Discoloration

RTBA Rate to be agreed

RTSATMP Return Saturday PM

S to S Station to Station

s/a Subject to Approval

S/D Short Delivery

SA Subject to Approval

SATSHINC Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included

SD Sea Damaged

SDHF Standard Dutch Hull Form

SG Ships and Goods

SHEX Sundays/Holidays Excluded

SHINC Sundays/Holidays Included

SMP Single Mooring Point

SMS Safety Management Code

SOB Shipped Onboard

SOC Shipper Owned Container

SOF Statement of Facts

SPA Special Protection Area

SRBL Signing and Releasing Bill of Lading

SRCC Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions

SRL Ship Repairers Liability

SS or B Stranded, stunk or burn

SSHEX Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Excluded

SSHINC Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included

SSO Struck submerged object

STC Said To Contain

STUFT Ships Taken Up From Trade

STW Stowage

SUB Subject (to)

Suezmax Suez Maximum

SWD Sea Water Damage

T/C or TC Time Charter

TB Twisting and Bending

TBN To Be Nominated

TCE Time Charter Equivalent:

TCP Time Charter Party

THC Terminal Handling Charge

TLM Tolerance Limit Median

TLO Total Loss and Excessive Liability

TLVO Total Loss of Vessel Only

TOB Time On Risk

TPND Theft, pilferage and non-delivery

U/R Under Repair

U/W Underwriter

UCB Unless Caused By

UNICON Uncontainerable Goods

UU Unless Used

UUIWCTAUTC Unless Used In Which Case Time Actually Used To Count

VPD Vessel Pays Dues

W/W Warehouse to Warehouse

WA Without Average

WBS Without benefit of salvage to the insurer

WCCON Whether Customs Cleared Or Not

WFC&S Warranted Free of Capture and Seizure

WLTHC Water Line Top of Hatch Coaming

WLTOHC Water Line-To-Hatch Coaming

WOG Without Guarantee

WP Weather Permitting.

WP Without Prejudice

WPD Weather Permitting Day

WRO War Risk Only

Wtd Warranted

WWD Weather Working Day

WWR When, Where Ready

XBE Excluded Both Ends

XL Excess of Loss

Xs Loss Excess of loss reinsurance